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Epic Games' Fortnite is an online game with over 500 million players worldwide and over 70 million monthly active users. At our company, we are proposing to create an attractive metaverse space in this Fortnite world.

Fortnite's Metaverse space is accessible from a variety of devices and features community activity and interaction through voice chat and social media. Our company not only creates a metaverse space, but also realizes XR LIVE within Fortnite to support corporate branding and long-term recognition among the younger generation. In addition, we will provide the best proposals for those who are interested in early utilization of the Metaverse.

The combination of Fortnite's metaverse space and XR LIVE allows for deeper user engagement and positive brand experiences. Our professional team has a wealth of experience and expertise to provide the best solution for your goals.

KENTO MORI's "Augmented Reality - XR LIVE ver." scene has been transformed into a metaverse space on Fortnite by utilizing UEFN.This technology can be used to reuse events, improve service for fan communities, and be actively used in branding and marketing strategies.

Our strength is that we can provide a consistent service from the production of XR LIVE to operation and deployment to the metaverse space in Fortnite. With this unique technology, we will create new added value for your business.

By utilizing Fortnite, which boasts 500 million users worldwide, it will be possible to retain new customers and create value. We will make the most of this expanse and potential to contribute to the expansion of your business.

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