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Collaboration with world-famous dancer and AR artist KENTO MORI (K.M.1 Co., Ltd.)

Under the vision of #fromJapantotheWorld. XR LIVE activities for Osaka/Kansai Expo.

alphaspace Inc. (CEO: Jun Iinuma, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), in collaboration with world-renowned dancer and AR artist KENTO MORI (K.M.1 Inc.), announces the release of "Augmented Reality - XR LIVE Version" on July 18. (KM1, Inc.), a collaborative project with KENTO MORI.

This project is a realization of the vision of KENTO MORI, who was recently appointed as Osaka Tourism Ambassador, " #fromJapantotheWorld " using new methods of expression, and aims to create a world-class entertainment standard from Japan that fuses the real and virtual.

Digest movie of "Augmented Reality - XR LIVE Version" to be released on July 18, 2023.


A world-renowned dance artist, he has performed in more than 200 major cities in 50 countries on 5 continents. He has performed in over 200 major cities in 50 countries on 5 continents.

He also made his world debut as "AR Artist KENTO," a mesmerizing performance that combines music and cutting-edge technology, and has collaborated with the world's top digital art group "Moment Factory In June 2023, he will be appointed "Osaka Tourism Ambassador. In June 2023, he was appointed "Osaka Tourism Ambassador" and will play a role in communicating the attractions of Osaka, an international tourism and cultural city full of diversity, in preparation for the Osaka/Kansai Expo. He is leading the " #fromJapantotheWorld " project with various Japanese cultural heritages with the expression of dance.

*The dedication stage for the kagatama pond at Sengukan, the outer shrine of Ise Jingu (Toyokawa-cho, Ise-shi, Ise)

▶︎ Planning Concept

The planning for this project was based on the vision and activities of Mr. KENTO MORI for the current era. The stone circle, which is a symbol of unity and a stage for celebrations that have been held around the world since ancient times, was chosen to represent Mr. Kento Mori's activities of "aiming for world peace through dance. In order to wish for new world development after the Corona disaster, a torii gate was adopted as a symbol of the dynamism of life and prevention of disasters, and the overall space was designed and planned. The overall planning concept was created to convey to the world Mr. KENTO MORI's vision of " #fromJapantotheWorld " and the reaffirmation of Japanese culture toward 2025. We created the overall planning concept to send out to the world.

*Planning, planning concept, XR STAGE proposal

▶︎ About Unique XR Space Production

For XR LIVE, the most important thing is to create an immersive and innovative experience. To achieve this, it is necessary to create a space design and production design that brings the boundary between the real and virtual worlds as close to zero as possible, and to realize both designs, we have implemented experience production using UNREAL ENGINE. To realize both designs, UNREAL ENGINE is utilized in the production of the experience. In the spatial design process, a proprietary asset-based production method is employed, which has realized significant shortening of the production process and cost reductions, which have been issues in the production of conventional spaces. This unique asset-based production method will enable us to create and utilize a wide range of XR spaces.

*Creation of new spaces from a combination of assets in unique spaces

▶︎ About XR LIVE Operations

FIXER Corporation (studio), FaithPropaty Inc. Masahiro Motoike (lighting director), Freelance Kenjiro Shimada (system engineering), Bu-Shit Production (BTS photography), alphaspace Inc. Yoshiaki Nakaichi (general producer and director) to form a team dedicated to XR LIVE.

Performers were synthesized in real-time on UNREAL ENGINE, and the three elements of performer, VJ, and lighting were integrated and operated by UNREAL ENGINE using our original XR system. Blackmagic Design's Decklink 8K Pro was used for camera and VJ video input, and DMX lighting was controlled by Art-Net (including Touch designer in some cases) via Avolites Titan Quarts.

▶︎ Future Development

alphaspace Inc. will work with Mr. KENTO MORI (KM1 Corporation) to expand the possibilities of Japanese culture through "Entertainment x XR LIVE" and develop a project that can express both real and virtual worlds for the Osaka/Kansai Expo.

▶︎ About alphaspace Inc.

The production and utilization of XR space, live performances, and metaverse requires multiple processes, including planning, staging, production, and delivery operations.

Our creative team, led by Yoshiaki Nakaichi, Head of XR Creations, and his team of industry experienced professionals, is in charge of everything from planning to high-quality XR space production, from real humans to avatars and virtual humans, operations, projection mapping, and filming. The team is in charge of everything from planning to the production of high-quality XR space. This will also provide new experiences for live events, product launches, and business conferences filled with astounding reality and immersion.

alphaspace Inc.'s mission is to advance the realm of entertainment by creating excitement and surprise for people through XR technology. We will continue to develop innovative projects and deliver dreams and excitement to as many people as possible.

Production Credits

Artist : KENTO MORI (KM1 Co.,Ltd.)

Dancer Actress : JASMINE

Dancer Ninja : YUMA (Studio ZINX)

Dancer Ninja : KOYO (Studio ZINX)

XR Director : Yoshiaki NAKAICHI (alphaspace inc.)

Lighting : MASAHIRO MOTOIKE (Faith Property)

Lighting Assistant : AKIYO OGAWA

XR System Engineer : KENJIRO SHIMADA


TAKUMARO NISHIKAWA (alphaspace inc.)

KM1 Co.,Ltd.

Produced by Masao Tateyama

Director: NAMI J (KME)

alphaspace inc.


Produced by GEN ITO

Faith Property

Manager : YOUJI INAO

Bu-Shit Production

Making Camera : ZOE 

Making Camera : TANE

Making Camera : SYURI

Photographer : YOSHIKO SATO

Studio : FIXER Inc.

Affiliated companies that cooperated in this project

K.M.1 Corporation:


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