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Yoshiaki Nakaichi speaks at CG WORLD Online Seminar Development Case Study of Real-time XR LIVE

Case study of the development of a unique real-time XR LIVE system using Unreal Engine

2022.09.16 FRI | 19:00-20:00

A session by Symbiosis, a company that has built and staged numerous XR LIVE systems.

The presentation will focus on their unique system that can be used for both real and virtual events. The content will be useful for creators involved in XR LIVE, those who are planning XR LIVE, and those who are considering system implementation.

Admission is free. For details and registration, please click here.

Lecture Content

XR LIVE is becoming a mainstream entertainment method.

Based on the production cases of te'resa, the first live performance by a virtual human in Japan, and IMAGINARY WORLD by virtual singer Rime, we will explain our original XR LIVE system using the Unreal Engine, which can be used for virtual events using the same lighting and video equipment used in real events. The presentation will explain the XR LIVE system using the Unreal Engine, which can be converted to virtual events using the same lighting and video equipment used for real events.

We will also talk about our unique system that enables live broadcasting of both real and virtual events.



Virtual human "te'resa" and virtual singer "Rimei" 2-man live


Yoshiaki Nakaichi

Head of XR creations, alphaspace Inc.

Representative Director of Symbiosis K.K. / XR Director

He has also worked on various show videos, scenography production, art direction, VJ, etc., based on his experience in compositing, VFX, CG, and title sequences for Godzilla and Battle Royale at a film post-production company.

He has also worked on many videos for apparel, street culture, amusement machines, and general corporate projects, using his creativity to express his worldview in a wide range of methods, including concept videos, spatial production, and projection mapping. As an artist, he is listed in the "100 Filmmakers", a directory of outstanding Japanese filmmakers selected each year.

He has performed as Yamato's exclusive VJ at UltraMusicFestival JAPAN and EDC JAPAN. He has also performed at ZoukOut (Singapore), WOMB ADVENTURE (Japan), and other club festivals in Asia, and held an exhibition and VJ session at the same time in Paris. He has been active both domestically and internationally.

In recent years, he has launched "SYMBIOSIS Inc.", a creative agency that handles video production, artist management, and video production, and is experimenting with new challenges by incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as XR LIVE and VR.

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