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Immersive Metaverse Project Launched with Unreal Engine for Rural Development from SDGs Future Citie

Metaverse Web 3.0 Supports Craft Beer Brewery from Kamikatsu Town, Tokushima Prefecture, a "Town with Zero Garbage" that Promotes the Circular Economy to the World

alphaspace, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of an immersive meta-verse for regional development using the Unreal Engine. The project is co-produced by Symbiosis, Inc. and is aimed at creating a new local community together with a craft brewery (RISE & WIN Brewing Co.) in Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, which has been implementing the Zero Waste Declaration since 2003 and was selected as an SDG future city by the Cabinet Office in 2018, and has a population of 1,300 people. The project aims to create a new local community together with a craft brewery (RISE & WIN Brewing Co.), which has been communicating local initiatives with its own products.

※Metaverse space by Unreal Engine

▶︎ Circular Economy tackling regional issues and local craft beer breweries

20 years after the 2003 Kamikatsu Zero-Waste Declaration, the game development engine "Unreal Engine" was used to enable people around the world to experience the resource recycling system "reRise" that has been built over a long period of time and the rich natural environment that has been preserved and passed on in the Metaverse space. Unreal Engine" was used. After visiting the site, we utilized the Unreal Engine's rendering system and sound system to faithfully reproduce the light, air, and sound of the rich natural environment that remains in the region. In order to improve the development speed and reduce the workload, we will develop the metaverse space using Blueprint, a visual language, with no programming and no coding.

In the future, various events will be held in this metaverse space using the real-time XR LIVE system. This system will create a sense of unity between the virtual space and real event participants.

▶︎ Vision for the future

alphaspace, Inc. will provide solutions to social issues through the planning, production, and operation of Metaverse Space and XR LIVE, and will also incorporate new communication methods such as Web 3.0 and DAO, aiming for social implementation of the latest technologies and the creation of new businesses. In addition, we are also planning to develop a human resource development program for creators and engineers who will implement the Unreal Engine and work on solving social issues.


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