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KDDI and Google Cloud cooperate in R&D as R&D PARTNER of "αU live", a next-generation 3D live viewin

KDDI's "αU resarch," which conducts research on the latest technology, and "KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO" operated by THINKR have launched a collaborative project to expand the possibilities of the real and virtual. " prompt αU" started on March 8.

At the "prompt αU" exhibition commemorating the start of the project, we will introduce the next-generation 3D live viewing experience, which we have been involved in the research and development of.

We are demonstrating "αU live," a next-generation 3D live viewing experience service that we were involved in the research and development of.

About 「αU live」

αU live", the focus of this exhibition, is a service developed through technical cooperation between KDDI and Google Cloud, and scheduled to be released this summer, that allows viewers to watch high-definition, 360-degree, free-viewpoint videos.

The artists and the venue are reproduced in a virtual space, allowing viewers to have an experience similar to that of a real live performance.

At the exhibition, 5G smartphones are connected to multiple monitors placed in the space,

High-definition live images can be experienced immersively by freely changing viewpoints through touch operation.

This content was developed with the assumption that it would be enjoyed with smartphones, but at this venue, visitors can dive into the virtual live space with large screen monitors and smart glasses.

Live images of Hanafu's 2nd ONE-MAN LIVE "incomprehensible-2Q1" and te'resa's "IMAGINARY WORLD" are edited by "αU live". You can experience them with high-definition images from a free viewpoint.

We will continue to actively develop new contents by linking R&D and technological development related to XR technology and production using UNREAL ENGINE.

Outline of "αU research × KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO presents prompt αU

Period: Wednesday, March 8 - Friday, March 31

Place: Shibuya ZERO GATE (16-9 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Hours: 11:00~20:00 (last admission 19:00)

Ticket: Advance ticket system ¥1,650 (tax included)

Ticket sales start at 12:00 on Friday, 24th.

Admission to the sales area on the 1st floor is free.

Exhibition Management

Produced by: αU research / KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO


Curations of creators: GraphersRock

Operations: KDDI / THINKR

Space design: METRONOME INC.

R&D Partners: alphaspace inc. / Khaki / Gugenka Inc.


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